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How should you organise a team building session?

5 tips for leading a team building session that’s memorable

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A team building event is one that is designed to strengthen the bonds between a company’s employees: organising a team building session enables you to improve your productivity at work, and strengthen the collective commitment around topics that bring people together.

Discover our 5 tips for leading a team building session efficiently!

Tip no. 1: Choose de right icebreaker

How should you lead a team building session with people who don’t know each other? You should choose an icebreaker exercise with rules that are short, simple and easy to understand.

The exercise “the colour of tastiness”, for instance, enables the participants to start chatting away, while also learning to get to know each other better. The principle is easy: each player takes a coloured sweet, in turn. Each colour corresponds to a piece of information that they must share (a funny story about the previous day, or from their childhood, something they found out last week, etc.).

It’s a simple and sociable activity that will kick off your day in an unusual way.

Tip no. 2: Let everyone speak

In a team building exercise, all the participants must be asked to speak, beyond the icebreaker phase. The person hosting the event mustn’t be the only speaker.

Depending on when the important moments are scheduled, this could take the form of a sharing of experience, a discussion about your skills or active involvement in a brainstorming session.

Tip no. 3 : Vary the mode of communication of your team building event

Organising a team building event entails changing the ordinary mode of communication, in order to break up the routine.

This could take the form of circular communication, whether spontaneous or pre-prepared, whereby all of the group’s members talk about a given subject, and the others are given the opportunity to ask questions or react to what is said.

Tip no. 4 : Take care of the setting to better conduct the team building event

At formal meetings, the bickering and digressions can sometimes leave those present feeling frustrated and confused.

At a teambuilding event, break the mould by opting for a venue that is radically different from the ordinary working environment, such as a cinema.

By the same token, you can capture – and above all retain – the team’s attention by offering certain workshops, such as a ‘stand-up meeting’ or a ‘walking meeting’!

Tip no. 5 : Include something playful in the program

Organising a team building session effectively means including games in the team-building event.

Put simply, games encourage team spirit and participation. From playing the ball of wool game to filming a TV commercial, there are a number of activities that can bring the team together and instil a lasting sense of team spirit.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experienced team at Kinepolis Business! Whether you need to hire a room or need help leading your team building session, our team will know what advice to give you and will help organise and manage your team building event.


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By Amandine Schosseler

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