How do I order cinema tickets?

You can order your tickets on this site via our online order form.

How can I pay for my order?

If you choose postal delivery for your order, you can pay by bank transfer.

Is it possible to customize the vouchers?

We customize your vouchers with your company’s name free of charge.

Can I book my seat online and pay with my gift card?

Of course, Kinepolis has thought of everything!

Is it possible to exchange or extend tickets?

Our tickets can’t be returned, exchanged, extended or refunded, even after the validity date.

Can I receive my order in the post?

Yes, you can choose postal delivery.

How long are Kinepolis tickets valid for?

Our gift cards are valid for six months from the purchase date.

During my private screening, can I make a short speech before the film starts?

Yes, that’s possible.

Is it possible to organize a cocktail party or reception?

Our cinemas have welcoming reception spaces just next to our screens.

Is it possible to use POS advertising during my event?

All your advertising is welcome, whether when welcoming your guests, during your seminar or during your private screening

Is it possible to hire a cinema screen without showing a film?

Yes, you can hire a screen to host your seminar, congress, meeting, conference…

Is it possible to hire only the reception space without the cinema screen?

Yes, Kinepolis reception rooms can be hired alone.

Is it easy to park near Kinepolis cinemas?


Is it possible to visit Kinepolis cinema screens and reception spaces?

Our sales team is here for you to arrange a tour of the Kinepolis cinema of your choice.

Is it possible to organize an event at any time of day?

Yes, you can hire our cinema screens and reception spaces any time every day, including weekends.

I want to organize a private screening but I don’t know which film to choose. Can the Kinepolis team advise me?

As a cinema specialist, our team is updated daily on upcoming film releases.

Do Kinepolis reception rooms provide food services?

Are you used to working with your own caterer? We will be happy to let them use our facilities!

How big are the rooms?

The room size varies from cinema to cinema.Discover our cinemas.

What are the facilities in Kinepolis cinemas?

With stadium seating, air-conditioning, club chairs with double armrests and generous leg room, giant screens, surround sound system, Wi-Fi terminals and digital projectors, our cinemas provide a warm and comfortable environment.

Is it possible to segment my advertising to Kinepolis?

On the expert advice of our team of media specialists, you can fully customize your advertising campaign.

Why advertise in Kinepolis cinemas?

With high visitor numbers and relaxed and receptive audiences, the cinema has become a key advertising platform.

What are the different types of advertising available at Kinepolis?

Kinepolis offers you a wide range of advertising formats and solutions, all with huge visibility.