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Films du mois de mai

Trois sorties majeures promettent de captiver les spectateurs avec des genres différents, offrant ainsi quelque chose pour tout le monde.
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Company birthday present: play the originality card

Choosing a company birthday present requires a bit of thought. When it comes to original gifts, there is a wide range of ideas out there.
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animer un séminaire_ Kinepolis Business

5 tips to host a successful seminar

Holding a corporate seminar is something that needs to be prepared for advance. Here are 5 tips for ensuring that yours is a great success.
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Films du mois d’avril

Découvrez les sorties cinéma du mois d'avril avec une sélection éclectique de films captivants et divertissants.
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cadeau ancienneté entreprise_kinepolis Business

How to choose a gift for length of service at a company

Long professional service is something that gives a company value: you can reward it with a suitable seniority gift.
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Room hire: what sort of corporate events is it for?

For your corporate events, don’t hesitate to make the most of the room hire service from Kinepolis (and its other advantages).
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How can you organise an advance premiere in the form of a private screening?

Get in touch with the team at Kinepolis to organise a super-special evening for your customers, in the form of an advance premiere at a private screening
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3 stats that demonstrate how well advertising at the cinema works

The cinema is the medium par excellence for getting your own ad out there: find out about 3 stats that demonstrate just how well the silver screen performs
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