Promote a new product

Take advantage of high visitor numbers

Advertise to your target audience

Benefit from the relaxed setting

In our cinemas, displays are one of the most powerful indoor advertising media and bring you permanent visibility.

The choice of location reflects the highest areas of footfall (lobbies and exits) and waiting areas. And so all our display media bring you maximum impact.

Tell a story with a series of twelve visuals hanging in the main lobby. Double-sided signs provide visibility in both directions.
Exhibition / presentation stand
Cube, stand, exhibition, distribution by the ticket desk staff onsite… just some of the ways to strengthen your direct advertising to cinemagoers.
2m² displays
Network of nineteen 2 sq. m posters. With its unusual size and location, this display solution promotes your message and increase its impact.
Stylish, innovative and effective, this format offers you a very large advertising platform. Promotion and visibility guaranteed!
Distribution by the ticket desk staff
For direct and targeted advertising, distribution by our staff at the ticket desk is an effective solution offering you more flexibility.
HD screens
Located in the main lobby of the Kinepolis Kirchberg cinema, HD screens are a fantastic way to advertise. They help you create a dynamic image for your company in an area of our cinema that visitors have to walk through and the arcade restaurants.
Cinema screens
The release of big blockbuster films that attract big crowds is an ideal opportunity to show your ad on the big screen and reach your target audience. Don’t hesitate to contact our advertising agency IP Luxembourg to see all the terms and conditions for that format:
Ladies at the Movies

A women-only target audience and an event synonymous with relaxation and fun. The perfect time to advertise.

Men at the Movie

An ideal evening event to reach a male audience after work or before the film.

Family at the Movies

A family-only target audience during this major party and entertainment event.

2019 Horror Night

Horror Night is back in 2019! One of the most highly anticipated events of the year. An unbeatable opportunity to reach a young target audience aged 16 and over.

Advertise at Kinepolis to maximize your investment

When you advertise in a Kinepolis, you optimize your ROI in four ways:

At the cinema, you make an impression. You reach your target audience in a context of relaxation and leisure time. And so it’s more receptive and better disposed to hear your message, which will be automatically associated with enjoyment.

With an innovative animation in the cinema, you draw attention to your product or brand at the right time and in the right environment: your target group is open to (inter)action in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

In a cinema, the screen size captures and holds your target audience’s attention. Your advertising will definitely be seen and heard, with cutting-edge audiovisual technology. For your advertising, think big!

You choose the type of animation and we provide the right platform so that guests receive your message in the best conditions. You can also combine an animation with other options such as sampling or product placement.

Advertising at Kinepolis goes much further than the big screen

Your company isn’t ready for the big screen yet? Want to try something else?

Kinepolis offers a wide range of advertising solutions:

2 m² signs;
6 & 12 m² banners;
HD screens;
Cinema screens;
Distribution of flyers;

Want to reach an all-female audience?

Partner Ladies at the movie, the unmissable women-only event in Luxembourg.

Interested in a male audience for a related product? We’d love to have you as our partner for our Men at the Movies events. Want to target families instead? With pleasure! We organize family events popular with kids and their parents throughout the year.

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