Reward your loyal clients

Promote a new product

Motivate your staff

Maintain your business relationships

A Kinepolis Gift Card is an ideal tool for promotions, sales drives or client retention. They’re valid at Kinepolis Kirchberg, Kinepolis Belval and Ciné Utopia and can be customized with your company’s name. Several packages are available:

Kinepolis gift cards

8,5014,50 TTC

8.50€ between 10 and 499 tickets
8.30€ between 500 and 1999 tickets
8.10€ between 2000 and 4999 tickets
8.00€ for 5000+ tickets

Customizable film ticket

Extras :

3D (+1€)
Long movie (+1€)
All inclusive (4DX, long movie, ultra laser, 3D, cosy seat) (+6€)


Voucher 5€

5,00 TTC

Pop-corn (size S)

1,85 TTC

Drink (50 cl.)

2,27 TTC

Want to give a unique business gift? Offer them the full cinema experience with film, food and drink vouchers presented in an innovative gift box shaped like an old film reel case.

1+1 Gift box

15,70 TTC


15.70€ between 5 et 249 boxes
15.50€ between 250 et 999 boxes
15.30€ between 1000 et 2499 boxes
15.10€ for 2500+ boxes

2 + 0 Gift box

21,40 TTC


21.40€ between 5 and 249 boxes
21.00€ between 250 and 999 boxes
20.60€ between 1000 and 2499 boxes
20.20€ for 2500+ boxes

2 + 1 Gift box

26,40 TTC


26.40€ between 5 et 249 boxes
26.00€ between 250 et 999 boxes
25.60€ between 1000 et 2499 boxes
25.20€ for 2500+ boxes

4 + 0 Gift box

42,80 TTC


42.80€ between 5 and 249 boxes
42.00€ between 250 and 999 boxes
41.20€ between 1000 and 2499 boxes
40.40€ for 2500+ boxes

4 + 2 gift box

52,80 TTC


52.80€ between 5 and 249 boxes
52.00€ between 250 and 999 boxes
51.220€ between 1000 and 2499 boxes
50.40€ for 2500+ boxes

Gift bag

1,00 TTC

To embellish your gift, present the Kinepolis Gift Cards in these essential pockets adorned with the most beautiful cults of cinema!

Terms and Conditions
  • Volume discount reflecting the number of tickets ordered annually.
  • Minimum number per order: 10 tickets.
  • Tickets valid for 12 months from the issue date.
  • Option to add your company’s name (free service).
  • Valid in Utopolis Kirchberg, Utopolis Belval and Ciné Utopia cinemas for one screening and your choice of film, including public holidays.
  • Tickets cannot be returned or exchanged after the validity date.
  • Delivery charges apply.
  • Orders will be processed in +/- 1 week.
  • B2B vouchers are only intended for company employees and members.

* A €0.75 supplement will be payable at the ticket desk for exceptionally long films.
** A €1 supplement will be payable at the ticket desk for 3D films.
** Charge for reusable 3D glasses on sale at the ticket desk: €2

Our cinema ticket packages

Give your staff or clients an unforgettable cinema experience with Kinepolis Gift Cards.

A business gift that you can customize with your company’s name and won’t disappoint. The 2D or 3D gift cards give you access to a film of your choice in one of the three Kinepolis cinemas in Luxembourg. They’re valid for 12 months with volume discounts reflecting the number you order.

To maximize the Kinepolis experience, add popcorn and a drink to your gift with one of our bar vouchers. Your employees, clients, partners or suppliers can use them for a date night, day out with friends or quality time with their kids.

Why give a Kinepolis Gift Card for a cinema screening?

For your company, giving a Kinepolis Gift Card presents several benefits:

Reward your staff for their hard work;
Motivate your staff to meet a target;
Boost your teams during a downturn;
Strengthen the bonds between colleagues;
Mark Christmas, New Year, birthdays or retirements;

Give a Kinepolis Gift Card to your clients and partners to:

Express your gratitude to your clients, who tell other people about you;
Secure their loyalty by demonstrating their value for your company;
Add a personal touch when finalizing a contract;
Boost your sales;
Enhance your brand by offering a useful and enjoyable business gift;
Create an opportunity to recontact your old clients.

Kinepolis Gift Cards: much more than a cinema ticket

Kinepolis Gift Cards are customizable:

We can show your company’s name free of charge so that your clients remember you. They’re valid every day in the three Kinepolis cinemas in Luxembourg, which gives the recipient a lot of freedom!

To motivate your colleagues or thank your clients, Kinepolis Gift Cards are ideal business gifts! They create an approachable and modern image for your company and help you achieve your sales and marketing targets.

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