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Room hire and catering, the winning combination!

Professionalism, reputation and rates are the watchwords

Some businesses associate room hire with having to bring in a caterer for an event: whilst this combo seems very seductive at first glance, it’s essential to check the quality of the proposed caterer. Just as with the room hire service itself, it must have a sound reputation and offer attractive rates. All of which are criteria that will naturally lead you in the direction of Kinepolis…

Hire a room that’s suited to your needs and well-equipped

All room hire that’s intended for a corporate event must be chosen with scrupulous care: beyond the content delivered, the success of the occasion also depends on the environment chosen.

Easily accessible by public transport and/or with parking available nearby, the room must be capable of being adjusted depending on the number of guests: a space that is too big will give the impression of a missed opportunity (before the event has even begun), while a space that is too small will lead to discomfort. Finally, any room that is hired for a professional purpose must be properly equipped for the occasion – i.e., tables, chairs, adequate sound technology, a high-quality video projector, etc.

A competent events caterer that is a driving force

The inclusion of a caterer for events as part of the room hire is an undeniable advantage – not least due to the caterer’s knowledge of the environment, which limits the logistical problems. Like the room itself, however, it helps to bring about the success of a professional event, even if its only role is to provide a break for snacks or nibbles (or, to an even greater extent, a gala dinner).

Beyond the mere price criterion, a caterer has to adapt to your event and/or your brand, by offering a specially chosen menu. A professional in its domain, it will offer you the chance to taste these proposed menus so that you can confirm them: don’t hesitate to ask the opinion of several different people so that you can confirm your selections.

Ideally, if the caterer has some references or positive customer reviews, read what they say: its reputation remains the best indicator of its qualities.

Kinepolis, for the perfect ‘room hire’ and ‘catering’ combo

In Luxembourg, Kinepolis has several spaces with a range of capacities: given that when you look into room hire you don’t necessarily know what size space you need, we can adapt to your requirements as you hear back from the people invited.

Moreover, our auditoriums and our function rooms have all the necessary equipment for holding a professional event – not least sound and video equipment!

Finally, our caterer Steffen Traiteur has plenty of experience of organising corporate events: after a short briefing meeting, he’ll be able to concoct suitable catering that will keep everyone happy…

On Kinepolis’s website, don’t hesitate to check the opinions of our clients, who have plenty of good things to say about both our ‘room hire’ service and our ‘catering’ service.  There’s no doubt they’re the ones who put it best when it comes to our services… So, see you soon?


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Par Amandine Schosseler

Kinepolis est un acteur de premier plan en Europe et possède des cinémas au Luxembourg en Belgique, France, Espagne, Suisse, Pologne et tout dernièrement au Canada. Outre son activité cinématographique, Kinepolis est également actif dans le domaine de la publicité et de l’événementiel.

Amandine accompagne les professionnels depuis juin 2013 avec comme objectif de leur fournir un suivi personnalisé à travers les solutions proposées par Kinepolis : salles de conférence, salles de séminaire, projection privée avec ou sans réception, publicité, sponsoring, …

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