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Why hire a room for a simple meeting?

Discover the benefits of a change of scene at Kinepolis !

Hiring a room in order to hold a meeting when it could equally well be held in the company’s offices may be seen as a waste of money. However, the benefits of a change of scene at Kinepolis are such that they really should be considered, from time to time, in order to inject fresh dynamism into the discussions, stimulate creativity and strengthen the bonds between the participants…

Room hire for stimulating creativity

In a familiar environment, the participants in a meeting tend to exhibit unproductive behaviour – navigating a path between boredom and the desire to drift off to sleep, between daydreaming and their mobile phones, between doodling and playing with their pens.

By contrast, hiring a room enables the to break this routine: the mere fact that they are breathing different air is stimulating! The benefits of outsourcing the meeting are manifold, though: finding motivation, improving productivity, boosting the team’s performance, stimulating creativity

And the more unusual the room, incidentally, the more positive the outcome: Kinepolis offers a room hire service that can satisfy these criteria perfectly. Ideally suited for conducting a working meeting in excellent conditions, the rooms come in a range of sizes, so that all your needs can be met.

Hiring a room to help strengthen team spirit

Over and above the diversified offer it provides, hiring a room at Kinepolis has a certain effect on the participants in the meeting : having a whole cinema auditorium to yourself strengthens the feeling of having a special experience… Better yet, it strengthens the group’s team spirit, because they enjoy this shared moment together.

Irrevocably associated with the world of the cinema and easily established thanks to the comfy chairs, relaxation is another factor that brings greater togetherness: with all matters of seniority put to the back of their minds, the participants are more involved – resulting in stronger teamwork.

Adapting Kinepolis’s screening rooms in the service of meetings

Finally, hiring a room that’s out of the ordinary, and that can be adjusted depending on the requirements of the event, is a real plus. Moreover, beyond the traditional ‘lecture-style’ presentation, the reception spaces offered by Kinepolis allow for a range of formats.

When arranged in a U-shape, the meeting will have an atmosphere that fosters openness and conviviality, with discussion made easier. With seating on all four sides, people feel encouraged to speak, such that new ideas can emerge and different points of view can collide. In a ‘cinema auditorium’ configuration, there is more of a sense that the participants are there to listen and collect information.

Naturally, there’s nothing to stop you from making use of several different spaces, so that you can orchestrate the various high points of the meeting.

Don’t hesitate to seek advice from the team at Kinepolis: with their solid experience in organising professional events, they will be able to guide you towards the best option (hiring one room or several, and above all, which one) so as to meet the objectives of the event.


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Par Amandine Schosseler

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