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Room rental for a seminar or a conference

Each corporate event has its own specific characteristics!

For the start of this new year, 2023, it’s likely you want to organise a corporate event to get the troops together and communicate the upcoming projects and strategies to them. But would you rather host a seminar or a conference ? The choice you make will dictate the criteria to target for your room rental

Corporate event: seminar or conference?

The seminar is one of the most widespread forms of corporate event. Designed to bring your employees together, its task is to get them working in a collaborative way, in order to solve a problem or take an in-depth look at a new method of management or technological innovation that is going to be implemented. As you alternate between working sessions and periods of downtime, it is also an opportunity to create stronger bonding in your teams.

The conference is a different kind of corporate event: it aims to set out your results to the target — whether that be your employees, your suppliers, your service providers or your franchise owners. It’s a time for meetings and discussions between the different actors within the company, with the aim of forging stronger bonds.

Room rental for a seminar or conference

Organising a seminar requires you to find a room rental with a variety of spaces: this corporate event will entail combining an amphitheatre-like space where all guests can come together, more modest spaces for the conducting of workshops in groups and a space set aside for the initial reception of guests and for eating. For a conference, the smaller spaces are the only ones that can be dispensed with.

For the times during a seminar or a conference when everyone is together, the room rental service must provide audio-visual equipment (speakers, microphones etc. for the audio side, big screens and video projectors etc. for the visual side). For these corporate events, the venue must also provide informal meeting areas, for meals and light snacks. For the workshops held in groups during a seminar, the break-out spaces must have tables and chairs, and paperboards to encourage ‘brainstorming’ among the teams.

Choose Kinepolis to rent a room for your corporate events!

If you want to organise a seminar or a convention, don’t look any further: Kinepolis offers a room rental service that is ideally suited to this type of corporate event!

We have 3 cinemas in Luxembourg, and at each site there are rooms of varying sizes, meet and greet spaces and reception facilities for your guests. Given the nature of our core business, we obviously have all the audiovisual equipment that you may require.

Whether you’re planning a conference or a seminar, we can also put our caterer at your disposal for all your food and drink needs — whether it’s a pre-dinner cocktail, a buffet, light snacks and nibbles, and so on.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Kinepolis team to request a quote and reserve a date for the hosting of your corporate event — whether it’s a conference or a seminar! We look forward to seeing you soon!


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By Amandine Schosseler

Kinepolis is a leading player in Europe and has cinemas in Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Spain, Switzerland, Poland and most recently in Canada. Besides its cinematographic activity, Kinepolis is also active in the field of advertising and events.

Amandine has been supporting professionals since June 2013 with the aim of providing them with personalized follow-up through the solutions offered by Kinepolis: conference rooms, seminar rooms, private screening with or without reception, advertising, sponsorship, etc.

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