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Events broadcast live in the covid-19 times!

Companies in Luxembourg, communicate thanks to Kinepolis!

At a time when the first anniversary of the start of the Covid-19 outbreak has already arrived in Luxembourg, nobody can deny that this pandemic has revolutionized the ways in which we communicate. Today, as we still must live under the restrictions it has caused, Kinepolis is rolling out a new service – live event broadcasting – to help companies interact with employees who are widely dispersed around the Grand Duchy, or indeed internationally.

Covid-19 is changing the way we communicate with one another

Having first been officially declared present on the territory on 29 February 2020, Covid-19 led to the closing of the country’s schools and nurseries on Monday, 16th March. Companies started taking preventive measures straight away: meetings and non-essential travel were stopped, staff were asked to work from home where possible… Meanwhile, the government in Luxembourg rolled out its guidelines on measures aimed at reducing transmission.

One year on, Covid-19 is less of an unknown quantity, but it is still dictating the pace of our lives. Since the start of the pandemic, companies have had to re-invent the way in which they communicate, to ensure the safety of their staff, while fostering an atmosphere in which they can develop.

Kinepolis is breaking down geographical barriers with live event broadcasting

After being closed for many months now, Kinepolis’s cinemas have also reflected on how they might be able to help these companies as they battle through the Covid-19 pandemic. Through its room hire service, the team is offering the directors of companies in Luxembourg the service of live event broadcasting.

More specifically, the idea is to host a limited number of people at an in-person event in the cinema auditoriums, and to have the benefit of the technical equipment that Kinepolis has at its disposal, so as to enable a remote audience to follow the discussion. With live event broadcasting, a company can link up its employees, though they may be spread all over Luxembourg or the wider world, without endangering their health in any way.

Putting its equipment to good use in the service of companies in Luxembourg

The rollout of the live event broadcasting service for companies in Luxembourg holds great appeal, for a number of reasons. On the one hand, Kinepolis can ensure that the transmission reduction measures associated with Covid-19 are complied with by its guests (one-way systems, use of hand-sanitizer, social distancing etc.); on the other, it offers a space for discussion, by lifting up the geographical barriers faced by its customers. Non-essential travel is no longer banned, but is simply being re-imagined…

Better yet, thanks to the equipment in its screening rooms, Kinepolis can also offer companies in the territory the chance to project onto the screen comments from the remote audience, so that they can play an active part in the discussions. Going beyond straightforward downward communication, the event thereby becomes richer and more interactive.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Kinepolis to find out more about the live event broadcasting service: the perfect option for companies in Luxembourg, with employees on the territory or abroad, it can enable you to move forward and hold discussions with them, while complying with the safety instructions associated with Covid-19.


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By Amandine Schosseler

Kinepolis is a leading player in Europe and has cinemas in Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Spain, Switzerland, Poland and most recently in Canada. Besides its cinematographic activity, Kinepolis is also active in the field of advertising and events.

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