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Create an event based around the CSR approach

With live broadcasting, communicate to your staff about this eco-friendly approach, even during the Covid-19 pandemic !

The Covid-19 pandemic is prompting some companies to take a fresh look at the way they organise themselves. And as they go through these periods of intense reflection, many of them are planning to incorporate more sustainable development into the way they operate. Given that this is the case, why not create a corporate event based around the CSR approach (Corporate Social Responsibility) so that you can talk to your employees about it and decide, together, how to put it into practice? With live event broadcasting, it is possible to “get together” even during the Covid-19 pandemic. Further clarifications.

What is the CSR approach at a company?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is aimed at incorporating sustainable development challenges into the organization’s vision and strategy. An entirely voluntary phenomenon, the CSR approach casts its glow over various aspects of the business: the development of short circuits and responsible procurement, of employment in the local region, of respect for the environment and biodiversity, of equality and diversity, of safety and wellbeing in the workplace, openness to dialogue and collaboration, and also the energy transition, etc.

Building a CSR approach within a company involves doing an initial stocktaking exercise, drawing up a strategy and an action plan, creating indicators and communicating, explaining the value of this approach to the staff, and making it credible, then doing likewise for the customers and suppliers.

How can you create an event that will help to drive your values under Covid-19 conditions?

First and foremost, consultation, dialogue and taking each person’s needs and expectations into consideration are vital when it comes to putting a CSR approach in place. The ideal scenario is to create an event centred around these issues, so that you can canvas the opinions of the staff of the company.

Under Covid-19 conditions, ‘large-format’ meetings may be tricky to organise. All the more so when the event involves the coming together of people from all over Luxembourg, or even from other countries.

Happily, Kinepolis has managed to evolve and turn its know-how to its advantage, so as to offer a room hire service, with rooms adapted to cope with the Covid-19 reality: compliance with social distancing, hand-sanitizer gel, one-way system, etc. And, on the subject of complying with the constraints, Kinepolis invites you to create a phygital event focusing on the CSR approach – one that’s both in-person and online…

What role do live event broadcasts have to play in this communication campaign?

Creating a phygital event involves, on the one hand, inviting a limited number of people to Kinepolis’s cinema auditoriums (not least the speakers), and, on the other, inviting other participants to watch the speakers and follow the discussion online, via the live broadcast. Under Covid-19 conditions, this makes it possible to ‘bring together’ all of the staff, while keeping them safe and healthy.

Better than a straightforward live broadcast, Kinepolis offers event organisers the chance to create an event where everyone can take part and contribute to the flourishing of a CSR approach within their company: to do so, all they need to do is project comments and questions from those watching the event remotely onto a wall. The MC for the event, who would be physically present in the Kinepolis screening room, would then simply need to relay them to those present, in order to feed the debate and the exchange of ideas.

Don’t hesitate to consult the team at Kinepolis so that we can discuss this approach, and the ways in which we could implement it, together.


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By Amandine Schosseler

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