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Our ideas about gifts to reward long service at a company 

Long professional service is something that gives a company value: you can reward it with a suitable gift.

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With the stiff competition they face, companies have no choice but to succeed in attracting new talents, while also holding onto their best staff.

A true gauge of efficacy, the latter convey an image of security and stability that can help seduce the former. As such, it is essential that you know how to reward long professional service, with a good and wisely chosen gift.

Which gift for length of service at a company should you choose? 

Just as with corporate gifts, choosing a gift for length of service at a company is no easy matter. It should reward faithful employees, who serve  as natural brand ambassadors, for their long professional service. As with any reward, they should bring pleasure first and foremost, while respecting the company’s values (in the strict sense and the broader sense).

A gift for length of service at a company must therefore be both environmentally friendly and useful. And the more adventurous among you could add an irresistible touch of originality that will undoubtedly appeal to the recipients…

The “classic” gifts for length of service at a company

Besides the values of the company itself, current societal challenges mean that company directors need to think up a gift rewarding long service at a company that is well and truly ‘green’. In other words, it must be something that embraces ecological virtues, such as de-polluting plants or sachets of seeds.

Ideally, the gift rewarding long service at a company should also have been produced locally – perhaps in the form of textiles or stationery ‘made in Luxembourg’. Here, the goal is both to promote the local economy and to respect the environment, while keeping the number of unnecessary journeys to a minimum.

Lastly, a gift for length of service at a company must fit in seamlessly with a general ‘healthy’ approach. Wellbeing is at the heart of current preoccupations – and this could be conveyed through glass water-bottles (an eco-friendly accessory for sports sessions).

Needless to say, all these ideas must ultimately be put alongside the character of the recipient to see what will work best

An unbeatable idea for a gift for length of service at a company!

Did you know? There is a gift rewarding long service at a company that can tick all the boxes and be suitable a large number of people.

To avoid going wrong, Kinepolis Business invites you to offer cinema tickets, as a gift for length of service at a company. As a vector of a range of emotions, cinema brings people together and won’t leave anyone feeling indifferent. What’s more, our tickets (which can be personalized for free) are valid at our 3 cinemas, for a period of one year, meaning that everyone has plenty of time to get organised and choose the film they want to see.

Complement your gift with vouchers that you can add (for drinks or popcorn), and get the whole lot packaged in a pretty giftbox in the shape of a film reel can.

Ordering one couldn’t be easier: go to our ticketing page, add the number of tickets, vouchers and/or film reel cans required to your basket, and the film can begin!


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By Amandine Schosseler

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