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Building team spirit: a guide for a team-building event that is truly unforgettable

6 tips for organising a team-building seminar

Have you decided to bet on a team-building seminar to strengthen the team spirit at your company? What an excellent idea!

But how do you go about organising a team-building seminar?

Here are 6 useful tips.

Team-building seminar: adopt a meticulous system of planning

The organising of a team-building seminar must be planned down to the letter so that the event is a success for the company organising it and for all those taking part in it.

Give yourself as much time as possible to organise the event and draw up a precise timetable setting out every stage of the process.

As a general rule, it is estimated that it takes between four and six weeks (minimum) to organise a small team-building seminar (for fewer than 100 people). If there are more than a hundred participants, we’ll be talking about something more like two or even three months of planning for a team-building seminar.

Set clear goals

Building or strengthening team spirit, improving/facilitating communication between colleagues… The goals of a team-building seminar can be wide-ranging.

Consider mentioning these goals to the attendees before the event, so that they know why it is happening.

Draw up a detailed budget

This is a key point when organising a team-building seminar: the budget must be set out in detail (such-and-such an amount for hiring the venue, such-and-such an amount for the activities, etc.). Determine all your needs, and work out how much they will cost (venue hire, transport, activities, catering, etc.)

Obviously, the higher your budget, the more you’ll be able to indulge in ambitious plans. If you have a tighter budget, on the other hand, your goal will be to come up with some original ideas at affordable rates.

Get out of the office

The idea of a team-building seminar is, among other things, to build a sense of team spirit.

Yet, in order for the attendees to be able to focus on the event and nothing else, you’re best off choosing to organise the seminar away from the company’s premises. That way, your employees won’t get distracted by a new email in their inbox or even a work-related phone call.

For help planning your seminar, don’t hesitate to reach out to Kinepolis Business and put your trust in us.

Offer original activities adapted to suit everyone

Since this article is about organising a team-building seminar aimed at building team spirit, it is essential that the activities scheduled are adapted to suit every attendee.

Add variety to the activities, so that every attendee feels involved and engaged.

If one person (or several people) feels left out, that will stop you from achieving your goals.

Similarly, in order for the event to make a lasting impression on your staff, opt for original activity ideas that you can do as a team. An escape game, paintballing… There are lots of ideas out there.

Ask for feedback from your staff

It’s important to have a debrief with the attendees, so that you can ascertain what they enjoyed about the team-building seminar or, perhaps, what could be improved upon next time.

This enables you to establish whether the goals were achieved, whether the event was of use, and whether you should make organising a team-building seminar something you regularly do, etc.

The points raised by your staff are all useful and constructive, whether positive or negative.

When it comes to planning a team-building seminar or any other corporate event, don’t hesitate to reach out to Kinepolis Business.

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