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Finding the perfect location for your seminar: 5 tips to make a good choice

Where should you organise a corporate seminar?

Are you looking to organise a corporate seminar, but don’t know how to choose a venue for the event? It’s true that you can choose between so-called classic locations (halls, etc.) and more unconventional sites (stately homes, cinema, museum, etc.).

Here are 5 tips that will help you find the perfect venue for your seminar.

Tip no. 1: decide what type of seminar you are going to organise

Before you throw yourself into the task of searching for a seminar venue, you must decide what type of event you want to organise.

Is it going to be a training seminar? Will it be a motivational/team-building seminar? Or will it perhaps be a seminar marking the return to work – perfect for setting some new goals?

Depending on the type of seminar you want to host, you’re going to need a venue that is suitable. It might be a big lecture hall (for a training seminar, for instance) or perhaps an outdoor location, or even a space that combines both those things, for both indoor and outdoor activities (like a holiday home, etc.).

When deciding where to host your business seminar there are so many options to choose from.

Tip no. 2: take the number of attendees, and their profiles, into account

In order to decide where to host a corporate seminar, you must also take into account the number of people attending and what their profiles are.

Are there only going to be ten people attending? Then you won’t need to look for a particularly big venue. For a larger number of attendees, on the other hand, you’ll need a venue with sufficient capacity for them all.

Where should you organise your corporate seminar? The average age of the attendees, their areas of interest… These are other things you should take into account when choosing the venue for the seminar.

Tip no.3: where should you organise a corporate seminar? The question of transport

When deciding where to hold your business seminar, you should also take the time to think about the location and transport links.

Are the attendees coming from far away? If so, they’re going to have to travel by train or perhaps even get on a flight. It would therefore make sense to pick a seminar venue that’s near a station and/or an airport.

Tip no. 4: ask yourself what you’re going to need (equipment etc.)

Your needs are going to vary depending on the type of seminar you’re organising. Some IT equipment might come in handy, for instance.

Are you going to need an internet connection? do you need to ferry equipment to the venue? Think about the logistics!

You must therefore take your needs into account when you think about where you’re going to hold your business seminar.

When selecting the venue for the seminar, you also need to think about various issues such as:

  • how accessible the venue is (for people with reduced mobility, in particular);
  • the level of confidentiality around your event;
  • the duration of your seminar;
  • catering…

Tip no. 5: don’t forget what the budget for your event 

Needless to say, when picking a venue for a seminar, you also have to take into account the budget that you’re willing to spend on hiring the venue.

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