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What are the requirements for a good business gift?

Kinepolis’s ticket officeis the obvious choice!

Traditionally used to reward clients for their loyalty, the business gift has a highly important significance in this era of Covid-19: the maintaining of this special commercial relationship is absolutely essential for businesses! At a time when culture has for a long time (too long) been put on hold, the ticket office offered by Kinepolis presents itself as an obvious option, don’t you think?

The requirements for a good business gift

For any business, whatever its size and sector of activity, here are the prerequisites for a good business gift:

  • Correspond to the brand image 

Each company is built upon core values, which guide it in its decisions and actions. As such, it is essential that the gift fits into this framework. For example, if the company’s reputation is based on a strong environmental commitment, a tablet device might not be the most suitable gift to give.

  • Adapt to the budget

The choice of business gift is also dictated by the company’s financial capabilities. But even when the company’s financial health doesn’t allow it to have a comfortable budget, the gift must remain in keeping with the company’s image: you can’t hide thriftiness when buying luggage or watches (whereas with corporate cinema tickets…).

  • Pleasing the recipient

Like any gift, the present from a company should give rise to positive emotions in the client.  Yet the sheer variety of company profiles imposes a certain sobriety when you go about making this choice, so that you don’t get something completely inappropriate…While originality can create a surprise, a gift that can become part of the recipient’s day-to-day life (like a film screening at Kinepolis) will make even more of an impression.

  • Be personalised

Even if the business gift has to be able to be rolled out for all the clients targeted, the clients must be able to imagine that they are the only ones to benefit from it: hence, personalisation is the key to a successful approach. Thanks to it, they will feel unique and held in high esteem by the company.

Kinepolis’s ticket officeis a safe bet

Faced with the 4 prerequisites mentioned above, the ticket office offered by Kinepolis is a very pertinent choice of business gift: cinema is an art that brings people together (a value shared by numerous businesses), its multiple genres are aimed at a broad target audience and the cost remains relatively modest for companies.

Better yet, in this era of Covid-19, cinema has a particular appeal: a pleasure that we’ve been lacking for so long, that we can rediscover now that the public health crisis is less acute. And we can do so without letting our guard down on the social distancing measures and recommendations, to which Kinepolisis scrupulously adhering.

Finally, thanks to our ticket office being 100% online, placing an order is extremely easy: cinema vouchers with discounts for higher volumes, a range of options (3D, long films, 4DX cosy seat…) and customisation of the ticket as a bonus. What’s more, given that the tickets are valid for one year from the date of issue, customers have plenty of time to use them when they see fit.

If you really want to spoil your favourite clients, head over to Kinepolis’s website, and check out the section “Ticket office / Business gift”!


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