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Educational film about Christmas and Halloween

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas: an educational film for juxtaposing Halloween and Christmas, offering abundant potential for analyses of varying degrees of complexity.
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A cinema ticket as a corporate gift: it’s a no-brainer

Discover the 5 reasons for giving a cinema ticket as a corporate gift for your clients and doing so via the Kinepolis online ticket office.
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Kinepolis suggests 3 films for schools about disabilities

Kinepolis is here to support your school trips with a cycle of 3 films for schools about disabilities, with resolutely optimistic approaches, like a lesson in life.
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Examples of “superhero private screenings” at Kinepolis

Voici 3 exemples de projections privées autour des super-héros, adaptées selon le public (salariés et famille, collaborateurs, clients) chez Kinepolis
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Questions & Answers about 4DX at Kinepolis

Available to buy at the corporate ticket office, do 4DX screenings raise questions for you? Kinepolis can answer all your questions.
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Business gift: Kinepolis’s ticket office is a sure-fire option

To reward and maintain the link with your most important clients, choose a relevant business gift, like Kinepolis’s ticket office
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Hire a room for a simple meeting at Kinepolis

Discover the numerous benefits of hiring a room for a simple meeting at Kinepolis: the participants will feel stimulated and involved, and will want to emulate your approach.
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Organise a phygital event during the pandemic with Kinepolis

Kinepolis accompanies phygital strategies thanks to the live broadcasting of an in-person event held at its premises, even during the Covid-19 pandemic
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Live event broadcasting at Kinepolis for companies in Luxembourg

In these Covid-19 days, companies in Luxembourg have to adapt: Kinepolis offers them the chance to communicate via its rooms and live event broadcasts
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Create an event based on the CSR approach via live broadcasting

Adopt the CSR approach: create an event amid the Covid-19 pandemic with Kinepolis, via live broadcasting, so that you can talk about it with your entire staff.
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