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Why give your employee a gift to mark their retirement?

Will the Kinepolis ticket office bring some joy to your employee?

cadeau retraite employes

Retirement is a special moment in the life of an employee, a moment filled with emotion that deserves to be spent in an enjoyable way, to ensure a smooth and serene transition. At an informal send-off in a convivial setting, show the employee plenty of signs of your affection and give them an unforgettable gift, one that reflects the esteem in which you hold them and their value… Are you struggling to think of anything? Take a look at the Kinepolis ticket office!

Mark the retirement of your employees

Throughout the entire duration of their active service, employees have a tendency to magnify their retirement, fervently awaiting it so that they can enjoy it for as long as possible. When the time comes, though, a certain nostalgia can suddenly kick in…

Arranging a send-off for an employee’s retirement is essential as a way of marking this moment of great transition. Like a wedding, it is an event that is a milestone in your employee’s life: from now on it will be divided into ‘before’ and ‘after’ retirement… They should be able to look back on this moment for many years to come, thanks to all the little signs of appreciation and gifts (see the Kinepolis ticket office) that you will be able to give them to mark this occasion.

Thank your employees for their work

Whatever position your employee had within the company, their retirement send-off is a chance to underline their role in making it function properly: they managed to play their part in making it what it is!

From the director’s official speech to the presentation of a gift, via anecdotes and words of appreciation from their colleagues and friends, your employee must be able to feel the full extent of your gratitude and empathy towards them and their work. This will create an intensity of feeling that they won’t forget in a hurry and that they will feed off of in their moments of nostalgia…

The Kinepolis ticket office, a gift idea everyone will like!

Needless to say, it’s customary to accompany the retirement send-off with a little gift for your employee. Ideally personalized, this gift should be able to fit in with their future status as a retired person…

Fortunately, the Kinepolis ticket office has the perfect gift for you: with more free time to look forward to, your employee will be able to follow their fancy, picking and choosing between genres (crime, comedy, thriller, biopic…). They’ll be free to choose the film they want to see, and when they want to see it.

Accessible online, the Kinepolis ticket office delivers tickets that are valid for a year at one of our 3 cinemas in Luxembourg. If you choose the ‘All inclusive’ option, your employee will also be able to enjoy films in 4DX or 3D, or sit in a cosy seat… Not forgetting the snacks and refreshments you can also add (drinks and popcorn). And don’t forget to present your gift in a gorgeous, personalized roll of film with their name on it!

Head over right now to the Kinepolis ticket office to order this gift for your employee to mark their retirement. Once your order is confirmed, the precious roll of film and the treasures inside it will be with you in about a week’s time.


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By Amandine Schosseler

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