Why choose Kinepolis when you want to hire a function room?

Why choose Kinepolis when you want to hire a function room?

The 3 advantages of choosing Kinepolis as the venue for your conference!

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The kind of function room rental that you need!

The Kinepolis Business complex has numerous conference rooms available for hire. As stand-alone rooms kitted out to perfection, they have everything going for them when it comes to making your event a real success. Here are the best 3 things about them, which are bound to make all the difference!

Organise an event that offers accessibility & comfort

With Kirchberg, Belval and Ciné Utopia, the options on offer when it comes to renting function rooms – whether for conferences, seminars, presentations or receptions – at Kinepolis are many and varied: 10 rooms with seating for between 110 and 459 people, 2 cocktail spaces at Kirchberg, 7 rooms with seating for between 128 and 542 people, and 1 reception room in Belval, and also 5 rooms with seating for between 61 and 252 people and 1 reception area at Ciné Utopia.

Each conference room available for hire has a car park in the immediate vicinity (in addition to having good public transport links!), and also provides access for people with reduced mobility. Once they are in the specially reserved area, each attendee can sink back into a very comfortable seat with arm-rests, while enjoying the coolness of a perfectly air-conditioned room.

Choosing one of our rooms means casting aside any concerns related to transport, accessibility and comfort!

The audio-visual equipment associated with hiring a conference room

Whatever the nature of the event, hiring a Kinepolis screening room is your guarantee of fantastic performance from the facilities directly associated with the sound and images. Projectors, sound systems, hand-held microphones or headphones…we now have everything you could possibly need or wish for! Better yet, in its capacity as a cinema complex, the venue can even give up to 116 of your guests the chance to experience even more powerful feelings than ever, thanks to its 4DX seats.

And last but not least, all the rooms offer Wi-Fi fast enough to support the use of streaming, so that your conference can be both entertaining and interactive! Thanks to this high-speed Wi-Fi, companies that are a long way away can easily join in with what’s happening!

Choose one of our rooms and you’ll never have to fret about technical issues again.

The ‘Business & pleasure’ benefit from Kinepolis!

With Kinepolis, you can organise an event that mixes business with pleasure – in order to make a lasting impression on all those in attendance. Take advantage of the complex’s infrastructure and let your imagination run wild.

Or failing that, rest assured that beyond hiring function rooms, the team at Kinepolis Business can give you its support. It can serve up a number of ideas stemming from its own experience, orchestrate contributions from service providers – whether yours or ours – or even provide full support for your project from A to Z.

Choosing one of our rooms means having the chance to get the support required to organise an event with a professional nature – whether in part or in full.

Whatever role you decide to give our team (whether it’s as a mere sounding board, a manager of services or full-on support), you can rest assured that its primary objective is to make your conference a sure-fire success! Click here to get a call-back and to find out quickly how we can help you!

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Amandine has been supporting professionals since June 2013 with the aim of providing them with a personalized follow-up through the solutions proposed by Kinepolis: conference rooms, seminar rooms, private screening with or without reception, advertising, sponsorship, …

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