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How can you organise a memorable inter-company event?

Networking and Collaboration

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Networking is an inter-company event that brings together individuals with the same areas of interest, so as to encourage exchanges and discussions aimed at creating value for all attendees.

As the old American adage goes, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”: networking is an essential tool in the armoury if you want to expand your sphere of influence and potential collaborations…

What are the goals of an inter-company event?

Traditionally, this type of inter-company event serves 4 objectives:

  • Sharing knowledge: networking activities promote exchanges of ideas and points of view on a given subject, helping to expand your knowledge and see things from different angles;
  • Seizing opportunities: the encounters involved often lead to new collaborations, even though it’s impossible to predict when and how they are going to be implemented;
  • Making connections: networking encourages new meetings and collaborations, whether those involved are physically present at the inter-company event or are part of their professional networks;
  • Improve your brand notoriety: getting actively involved in professional events enables you to make yourself known more quickly and increase your visibility

Our advice for hosting a successful networking event?

Organising an inter-company event that makes an impression on people means managing to bring together individuals with a certain decision-making ability within their field, so that the event’s value can immediately be felt. To this end, it is highly recommended to use social networks (not least LinkedIn and Twitter) to find interesting areas of overlap.

During the networking event, always have in mind a short pitch of a few seconds about each person you’re going to be introducing. Highlight the things people have in common, so that they can quickly find something to talk about without your assistance. Demonstrate, in a few words, their professionalism (and your own) and the point of making this connection.

Organising an inter-company event can take various forms (cocktail dinners, gala evenings, private screenings, etc.). As the host or hostess, it’s up to you to orchestrate the interactions, with discretion and professionalism. Why not draw up some questions in advance for your standout guests?

Where should you organise a large-scale inter-company event?

Kinepolis Business’s cinemas are an arena for professional events of all kinds, including inter-company events. The strikingly original choice of such a structure almost guarantees, on its own, that it will be an event to remember.

The team puts itself at your disposal to support you with its organization, dealing with the technical details, in advance and on the big day, so that you can concentrate entirely on your networking activities.

Don’t hesitate to contact the team at Kinepolis Business, to obtain a quote for room hire and/or help with organising an inter-company event, at one of its three cinemas in Luxembourg.


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By Amandine Schosseler

Kinepolis is a leading player in Europe and has cinemas in Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Spain, Switzerland, Poland and most recently in Canada. Besides its cinematographic activity, Kinepolis is also active in the field of advertising and events.

Amandine has been supporting professionals since June 2013 with the aim of providing them with personalized follow-up through the solutions offered by Kinepolis: conference rooms, seminar rooms, private screening with or without reception, advertising, sponsorship, etc.

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