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Johan tells us about his 6-month internship

at Kinepolis Business Luxembourg

Passionate about cinema since childhood, I always wanted to work in this universe. After a 6-month internship working on film distribution as a marketing assistant at UGC Distribution, I wanted to discover the marketing side of cinematographic exploitation. Regular customer of Kinepolis, it is naturally that I wanted to do an internship in this company. To be honest, at first I had never heard of Kinepolis’ B2B service until I came across this internship announcement on their website. I was immediately seduced by the very diverse missions that mixed marketing, commercial and administrative. Student in Master 1 within the Neoma Business School Grande Ecole Program, I held the position of Marketing and Administrative Assistant from January to June 2019.

The B2B service is represented by Amandine, manager and Anna, Marketing and Commercial Assistant.

Within this department, I did a lot of different things. What I liked the most are the marketing projects. The project I am most proud of and which took me almost 2 months of work was the complete organization of a special event for the launch of our new 4DX room where I was given real responsibilities. I took care of the choice and the management of the partners, the providers, the budget, the realization of a PowerPoint presentation, a flyer, the management of the invitations and the communication around this event on the theme of Aladdin.

Various and rewarding projects

Another important project was the production of a brochure for Saint Nicolas in close collaboration with a graphic design agency. Reflecting on the design of this booklet, exchanging ideas with my team was very stimulating.

In parallel with these projects, it was of course necessary to ensure the marketing follow-up of the service with the creation and sending of newsletters and the communication on our site.

Finally, I also took care of logistical and administrative follow-up of events (adding events in a software program, filing of documents, inventory tracking, etc.).

Team spirit and freedom to think/act

But what I liked most about this internship was, beyond the missions, the team and the working environment. There is a real team spirit and Amandine gives us the opportunity to propose ideas and take responsibility. We are never left out and there is a real role to play as a trainee. In my opinion, this is fundamental to developing internship skills. That’s why I would recommend doing an internship in Kinepolis in this service.

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By Amandine Schosseler

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