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Create a feel-good factor at work with a private screening – and talk

Corporate theme: happiness in the workplace!

Bonheur Travail Kinepolis

A subject for a talk, with a private screening!

These days, happiness in the workplace is a highly sought-after criterion for employees. If they have it, they’ll be more inclined to stay at the company and to invest themselves more actively in its success. As a result, it is in managerial staff’s interests to work to support their activity and make it part of a constant, stable dynamic.

A happy employee is a productive employee!

“Stop keeping tabs on staff and start trusting them,” explains Thibault Beuken, chief happiness officer at Huxler Luxembourg. “You have to invert the pyramid, for it’s the employees that provide the profitability – the organisation is only there to support them.”[1]

Happiness at work can be achieved by showing gratitude for each employee’s efforts: gestures that are simple, but personalized, so that the individual’s contribution is rewarded. Note how difficult this can be in countries like Luxembourg, where there are big cultural differences that need to be properly understood in order for the company to flourish…

Laurence Vanhée, “general director of happiness” and co-founder of the consultancy firm Happyformance based in Bierges, Belgium, gives us the following formula: “freedom + responsibility = happiness + performance”.[2] In other words, if you offer your staff more freedom and more responsibilities, they will not only perform better but will also be happier to come and work for the company.

Get the debate going with a private screening

But how can you work happiness in the workplace into your company? Why not start by organising an event based around a private screening on this subject?

For example, you could start the event by showing the excellently-titled film ‘Le bonheur au travail’ by Martin Meissonnier. It’s a web-documentary that shows how obsolete, and indeed counter-productive, the top-down, hierarchical system can be – and yet that system still prevails within most companies today. To make his case, the director sheds light on other forms of management, each illustrated by a specific case study.

Following this private screening, the talk and discussion session can be centred around the new paths listed, such as the removal of inspections and useless paperwork, a change in the hierarchical relationship, increased amounts of trust being given to the staff, etc.

The role of this private screening and talk is to make it possible, through dialogue with your staff, to thrash out some avenues to explore in order to initiate and encourage happiness at work at your company… But remember, change can take time; however, once it’s been identified, you can prepare for it more calmly, on a stage-by-stage basis.

A privileged moment of exchange

The Kinepolis complex can accompany you as you create this moment of discussion, by joining forces with you to help shape a special event that opens up a dialogue with your staff. From simply renting a conference room to full-scale management of it, don’t hesitate to contact them for a quote and/or some advice!


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By Amandine Schosseler

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