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So what should you give as a company birthday present? Here are our ideas for original gifts

Company birthday presents: what gift can you give?

Is your company celebrating its birthday?

This is an important event and it’s essential to celebrate it. But what should you give as a company birthday present?

Here are a few ideas that your staff will love.

Company birthday present: opt for an experience and give them an outing! 

Often, when we need to get a gift, we think about a material object, beautifully wrapped up in the hope that the recipient will be delighted.

Kinepolis is innovating and offering you an experience, whereby it’s the memories and emotions that are the gift being given! Treat them to a private screening!

For your team and/or your favourite clients, it is an original gift that is bound to make a great impression! Would you like to send a message to your guests? And watch, or rewatch, an old film or a blockbuster? And spend a lovely few hours together away from the office? Well, the search is over: you’ve found the perfect present!

Our cinema auditoriums can house an audience of between 61 and 459 people. Contact us if you would like a quote.

Spread some joy with a personalised gift

Also included in the category of original gifts is personalised gifts. A company birthday present that always comes as a nice surprise to the recipient

Give the gift of cinema with Kinepolis!

Choose between cinema tickets or a gift box combining cinema tickets with a food & drink voucher that you’ll be able to customize, adding a little note and the name of your company. It’s a chance to enjoy the latest releases en famille or with some colleagues. What’s more, our prices follow a sliding scale!

Find out what our box office has to offer

Give the gift of a company breakfast get-together! 

A mouthwatering company birthday present!

Before the private screening of a film, invite your guests to come and enjoy a nice breakfast together in one of our reception spaces. This special moment together will help to put your guests in a good mood. Kinepolis works with caterers who will offer you a range of breakfast offers designed to meet your needs.

Give the gift of a company soirée!  

A festive company birthday present!

Invite your guests to a company soirée in our reception room: the Kin’eck at Kinepolis Kirchberg. With room for up to 500 people, we can give you a turnkey offer, with a caterer and some music included as part of the package.

It’ll be a chance to celebrate your guests over a cocktail or a sit-down meal. Furnished with a projector, you will also have the chance to show a slide-show highlighting some of your company’s most memorable moments.

Would you like to come and have a look? Please get in touch.

Give a responsible gift

A growing number of companies are concerned about the impact they’re having on the environment. When it comes to a company birthday gift, giving a gift that’s responsible can be an excellent idea.

As part of our drive to be eco-responsible, for all orders from our online box office, Kinepolis gives you the option of getting e-tickets. All you have to do is scan them on your way into one of our cinemas!

A few tips for a company birthday present

To find one or more ideas for company birthday presents, we suggest that you think about a number of aspects:

  • the history of your company;
  • its area of activity;
  • its geographical location;
  • its commitments;
  • its values…

On the basis of these things, you’ll eventually work out which original gifts might go down well with your staff.

Discover our customisable gift boxes, for a unique and original gift for your company birthday.


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