Choose operas for your school projection!

Choose operas for your school projection!

Why not introduce the magic of opera to your students?

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Lyrical art at the heart of school screenings with Kinepolis!

Today, cultural outings are still too much like recreational parentheses! But art is more than a “soul supplement”, it is at the heart of the learning process at school. Beyond the illustration of a teaching, the school projections come to relate different knowledge. Take the example of opera!

Why use opera in class?

Through his musical education, a pupil can flourish at different levels : the voice, the body, the encodings of the music (tempo, timbre, intensity …), but also listening sometimes passive (based on pleasure) sometimes active (to analyze and understand).

Carmen (Georges Bizet), The Magic Flute or The Marriage of Figaro (Mozart), Cinderella (Rossini) , The broom closet witch (Landowski), The child and the spells (Maurice Ravel) … There are many books to promote the study in class of these great classics of opera!

Depending on the age of the children , it is quite possible to discover this art and make them live a unique experience, through a story or a known story. Even through the magical yet colorful world of Mozart’s operas, which seduce the youngest, despite the language barrier. [/Vc_column_text]

School screenings of operas in the cinema!

As part of its “Opera to the Cinema” operation, Kinepolis broadcasts the MET program – Metropolitan Opera. Note that some retransmissions may be subtitled in English (Kirchberg and Ciné Utopia) and in French (Belval).

For the 2019-2020 season , you can enter some interesting dates to retain the rental of the projection room, among the 11 productions planned:

The Magic Flute (Mozart) December 7, 2019

A production of 117 minutes, punctuated by distinct musical numbers, connected by dialogues and action on stage.

Porgy and Bess (Gershwin) February 1, 2020

A production of 220 minutes around the love of a disabled beggar and an addict, served by timeless melodies like “Summertime”.

Naturally, all retransmissions are done on a big screen, in high definition , and simultaneously with their performance at the New York Metropolitan Opera – which , with the time difference, foresees them in the course of the morning in the various rooms Kinepolis of Luxembourg.

Organize an event with Kinepolis

To organize a school event around an opera, get help from the Kinepolis team ! Regularly solicited on these questions, she will know to guide you on the choice of the production to be favored and thus, to make live to your pupils a unique experience!

With it, you can build a pedagogical project , loaded with teachings and meaning, while taking into account the age of your students. For example, too young a public can not stay focused during the 220 minutes of Porgy and Bess ; it would be wiser to turn to The Magic Flute on the basis of this criterion.

Feel free to contact with the Kinepolis team to set up a free first quote and quickly determine the feasibility of this school projection.

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