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Online ticket office: have you already considered giving the gift of the Kinepolis experience?

In Luxembourg, the cinema screens are state-of-the-art

Not all cinema screens are alike: at the Luxembourg, the screens offered by Kinepolis meet all the current demands of cinema-goers! Its facilities, equipment and technologies are state-of-the-art, offering visitors the perfect cinema experience. An introduction to the benefits it offers, which make it an ideal corporate gift, can be accessed in just a few clicks via the online ticket office.

At Kinepolis Luxembourg: top-quality cinema screens

In the Grand Duchy, Kinepolis has 3 separate cinemas: Kinepolis Kirchberg, in the district of the same name, in the north-east of the city of Luxembourg; Kinepolis Belval, in the western part of Esch-sur-Alzette; and Ciné Utopia, opposite Notre-Dame cemetery, in the north-west of the capital.

At each site, there are several cinema screens with varying capacities, but all of them are equipped with high definition image resolution, some even with Laser Ultra,, capable of displaying 4K content, whether it’s in 2D or 3D. Thanks to this special feature, the brightness of the screen is more striking, with a broader spectrum, more natural colours and higher levels of contrast (all achieved while using less energy).

While all the seats in the cinema screens at the Luxembourg are comfy, Kinepolis wanted to take things one step further, by launching the ‘cosy seat’ option: with it, you can discover the film in unprecedented comfort, with exclusive armchairs fitted with a table, coat-stand and even a hook for your bag. Feel as cosy as you do at home!


Useful tip: the ‘cosy seat’ option is easy to book, via the online ticket office

All the technologies are accessible via the online sales office

In Luxembourg, Kinepolis has furnished all its cinema screens with the latest technologies, to meet current demands. As part of this approach, it is making comprehensive plans for a wide-ranging programme of films in 3D, to enable you to enjoy the perception of relief within the movie (depth and projection), that encourage greater immersion in the story being told. Note that the 3D glasses required for this type of screening cost €1 and can be re-used the next time you come and see a film in 3D.

In Luxembourg, Kinepolis has also acquired a 4DX cinema screen , so that it can provide the most advanced cinema experience available today: the seats, which are mounted to special bolts, move in a way that’s synchronised with the action in the film. For an even more complete immersion, there are also sensory effects, to simulate wind, mist, snow, smoke, storms or smells. And these effects, too, are perfectly in sync with the story unfolding on the screen.

Good to know: you can tick the 3D and 4DX options via the online ticket office, to incorporate this type of screening into your corporate gift.

At Kinepolis Luxembourg, we love the silver screen and our cinema screens reflect this passion. Don’t wait any longer, let your staff and/or clients discover the full scope of our equipment and facilities, via the online ticket office!


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Par Amandine Schosseler

Kinepolis est un acteur de premier plan en Europe et possède des cinémas au Luxembourg en Belgique, France, Espagne, Suisse, Pologne et tout dernièrement au Canada. Outre son activité cinématographique, Kinepolis est également actif dans le domaine de la publicité et de l’événementiel.

Amandine accompagne les professionnels depuis juin 2013 avec comme objectif de leur fournir un suivi personnalisé à travers les solutions proposées par Kinepolis : salles de conférence, salles de séminaire, projection privée avec ou sans réception, publicité, sponsoring, …

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