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The really successful campaigns that combine advertising and the cinema

Exceptional advertising shorts

To captivate cinema-goers, advertising is constantly reinventing itself, to the point that it now conceives of magnificent short films starring well-known actors. Among the most successful campaigns are those of a Whisky label, a casino in Manila Bay, and an ad campaign for a major British luxury brand. Presentation of these cinematic works.

Jude Law and Giancarlo Giannini in a short film for Johnnie Walker

In 2014, the whisky brand Johnnie Walker brought Jude Law and Giancarlo Giannini on board for their Blue Label product. The resulting ad, light and fizzy, focuses on these two gentlemen as they argue over a rare vintage yacht and try to win possession of it through wagers that are out of the ordinary… With more than 45 million views from all over the world, this short film doesn’t focus solely on the product, but also addresses its male target audience, while adding positive notes of prestige, challenge and celebration to the blend…

You can watch this impressive cinematic work  here:

Di Caprio, de Niro and Scorsese brought together in an ad

In 2015, the Melco Crown Entertainment group won hearts and minds by bringing together a cast to die for, for the launch of two hotel-casinos in Manila.  Given the occasion, who but the director of Casino, Martin Scorcese, could orchestrate this ad with its highly cinematic ambience? Not forgetting Leonardo di Caprio and Robert de Niro, who each have roles to play. As they stroll around the casino, the director informs the actors that they are competing for a role and that they’re going to have to fight it out to get it…only for Brad Pitt to enter the fray…

Discover the short film (which is among the most expensive ever made, costing 70 million dollars) here:

Julie Walters and Elton John in an homage to the cinema for Burberry

In 2015, the British luxury brand Burberry celebrated the 15th anniversary of the film Billy Elliot, by Stephen Daldry, in its Christmas ad campaign. Just as was the case at the cinema in 2000, we find in it Julie Walters (Billy’s dance teacher), but she is accompanied by several celebrities whom we see – dressed perfectly for the occasion (of course!) – jump in front of the screen: Sir Elton John, Julie Walters, Romeo Beckham, James Bay, George Ezra, Michelle Dockery, James Corden, Naomi Campbell and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Launched as if it were a blockbuster movie in London, with stars on the red carpet, this short film is superb:

How about you – what will you dream up to make an impression on viewers in your next ad campaign at the cinema ? In the meantime, get in touch with the Kinepolis team to get some ideas, but above all to get the technical data you’ll need (formats, rate of distribution, etc.).


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