With 4DX cinema, dive into the heart of the film!

With 4DX cinema, dive into the heart of the film!

Kinepolis Kirchberg opens a new 4DX room!

Cinéma 4DX

If the 3D movie experience already envelops the viewer to take him to the heart of the action of the film, 4DX technology awakens all the senses for an immersion without equal. Taste and enjoy this totally unique show in the new Kinepolis Kirchberg hall, entirely dedicated to 4DX projections …

What is 4DX technology?

When 3D brings relief to different levels, adding depth to the set and presence to the characters, the 4DX pushes the limits of this experience, appealing to other senses. Indeed, beyond the sight and the hearing, traditionally solicited, it integrates the smell and various sensations to totally immerse its spectators in the action of the film.

In a 4DX movie theater, the seats are equipped with a specific motor, perfectly synchronized with the images displayed on the screen to sublimate any of your feelings: it accompanies you throughout the projection, responding to the hundredth of a second close with each action.

To the effects of these “intelligent” seats are added 20 others, such as rocking, rebound, vibration, but also rain, water, snow, wind, fog or lightning.

An experience sublimated by an appropriate movie selection

Be careful, this dive in the heart of the action is not suitable for all movies! In a projection of “Entre les murs” by Laurent Cantet, the contribution of the 4DX would be useless, since all the action of the movie takes place in a classroom, with few movements and variations both climatic and olfactory…

To guarantee you an incredible experience, Kinepolis uses this technology for American Blockbusters. Thanks to her, you will be able to accompany the young Skywalker to the confines of the galaxy (Star Wars), fight the dinosaurs of Jurassic World alongside Owen and Claire, live intensely your first mission in the space with Ryan Stone (Gravity) or still try to survive in the jungle of Jumanji …

The 4DX Kinepolis Movie Theater for your BtoB Actions

Developed by the Korean CGV, 4DX technology is still in its infancy: today, only 600 cinemas are equipped worldwide! And among them, Kinepolis Kirchberg.

Always at the forefront of the latest technological innovations, the complex wants to offer its customers the best cinematic experience possible. The 4DX cinema is part of the expansion of its offer with experiences meeting the requirements of different target groups. The ULTRA Laser experiment is another example.

By making this technology available to its visitors, the Kinepolis offer is obviously more attractive to the general public, but also to businesses. Indeed, beyond the intrinsic qualities of the complex (ease of access, parking …) and expert advice from its experts, it ensures a unique visualization of the film, which will not fail to reflect on the client company, at the same time. Not to mention the possibility of projecting an advertisement in 4DX, to make more sense!

Interested by 4DX cinema for a team building, to reward your staff or customers or to make your business speak in such a unique way, the Kinepolis Business team is at your disposal!

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By Amandine Schosseler

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