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The ‘cinema advertising campaign’ from Kinepolis

The ‘cinema advertising campaign’ from Kinepolis

How can you make your company’s image more dynamic?

The Kinepolis complex is developing promotions to take care of your advertising in Luxembourg: this offer is being rolled out at several levels, from ‘simple’ posters to organising an after-work soirée, via an ad that will get noticed on its screens…

The benefits of a Kinepolis poster campaign

Traditionally, poster campaigns are based around carefully chosen spaces. Advertising at the cinema is organised around the walkways and waiting areas used by cinema-goers. At Kinepolis, the media used have naturally been installed in the foyers and at the various exits – so that they’re guaranteed to have maximum impact!

Whatever the objective of your ad (product presentation, brand recognition etc.), there are various ways of ensuring it is highly visible:

  • ‘Catwalk’: 12 visuals, with ads on both sides, in the main corridor so that you can tell your story
  • Stand: an exhibition space enabling you to have direct contact
  • Posters: a network of 19 posters measuring 2 m²
  • Billboards: a large surface area to convey a strong message
  • Distribution at the cash register of your ad by the Kinepolis staff

Digital posters, a product presentation that makes its mark!

Besides this more traditional form of cinema advertising, it is also possible to choose a digital space to communicate in a different way and convey a dynamic image that’s firmly rooted in its time

An ad in Luxembourg has guaranteed visibility because the HD screens made available by Kinepolis are located in the foyer of the Kirchberg cinema, an area that all the cinema-goers and all the customers of the restaurants in the gallery have to pass through…

The complex also offers you the chance to broadcast an ad directly on the big screen in its auditoriums: if the audience for the film is similar to your target market, the impact of this cinema advertising can be significant for the company.

A partnership that will boost your cinema advertising

The offer from Kinepolis also includes a deeper partnership that will maximize the company’s ROI (Return on investment): in addition to the advertising solutions referred to above, the complex’s teams can dream up some great one-off events.

For example, to reach a male target audience, they can integrate advertising campaigns into BBB evenings (Burgers, Beer and Blockbuster); for a more female audience, they can turn to the ‘Ladies Night’ concept, something that has become a staple in Luxembourg. Clearly, if the cinema advertising needs to reach families, they can also get the company involved in the family events that they organise throughout the year…Obviously, these promotions can involve standard and/or digital posters.

The Kinepolis Business complex provides very effective advertising in Luxembourg, whichever formula you choose (standard or digital posters, targeted evenings), given that it can use its 3 cinemas to spread the message far and wide. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the teams to discuss your plans and look at the best options together

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By Amandine Schosseler

Kinepolis is a leading player in Europe and has cinemas in Luxembourg in Belgium, France, Spain, Switzerland, Poland and most recently in Canada. In addition to its film business, Kinepolis is also active in the field of advertising and events.

Amandine has been supporting professionals since June 2013 with the aim of providing them with a personalized follow-up through the solutions proposed by Kinepolis: conference rooms, seminar rooms, private screening with or without reception, advertising, sponsorship, …

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