The benefits of organising screenings for schools at the cinema

Why organise school screenings at the cinema ?

What is interesting about watching films at school ?

Séances scolaires

School trips give meaning to the knowledge children pick up at school: they stimulate pupils about a subject, encouraging them to let their imagination run wild and be inventive, so as to better assimilate the information imparted to them. Depending on your budget, there are various options open to you: straightforward school screenings and pedagogical events…

The reasons for arranging a school screening

Besides the natural appeal of a school trip (often a cause for celebration for all the pupils), teachers can make use of a simple trip to the cinema on many different levels:

  • Learning / acquisition / strengthening of their ability to know how to behave, depending on the pupils’ age: going out as a group, showing good discipline and behaving well outside the confines of school – whether on the way to the cinema or inside the auditorium.
  • Stimulating the memory: screenings for schools at a cinema promote learning – through what the children see and hear, and through the reactions of the group as a whole.
  • An in-depth exploration of the subject: the subject dealt with by a school film projected onto the big screen at a cinema will live longer in the pupils’ memories. Traditionally linked to the school curriculum, they thus gain a greater insight into a topic from the contemporary world or from history, but also into society-related themes (the environment, harassment, etc.).

Not to mention the fact that this unique experience can be allied to some preliminary work by the teacher, relating to the subject area and/or via the constructing of a tailor-made event in collaboration with the cinema complex…

For example, a secondary school teacher could choose to show “The Children Act” to his or her pupils in order to focus on the dilemma between faith and reason, or indeed the dual nature of justice as it steers a course between objectivity and subjectivity.

Better yet, organise a pedagogical event

Over and above a simple school screening, some cinemas support teachers to help them select the most suitable school film, so that it satisfies the pedagogical challenges faced by the class (age, subject area, duration).

The screening can also form part of a targeted communication about a topic that could be the subject of numerous school screenings throughout the year: a strategically recurring event, which puts the subject at the heart of the class’s curriculum and drives its level of understanding to new heights.

Depending on the budget available, the teacher can also accompany the educational films with talks and a tea built into the structure of the day. The idea always being to explore the subject from a variety of angles.

For instance, a primary school teacher might want to show the pupils “Jean-Christophe et Winnie”, to start a discussion about the difficulties of growing up and moving into adulthood. He or she might then accompany the screening with talks, stimulating the imagination on the one hand and the pupils’ minds on the other, so that the class can later come back to this inevitable moment of transition, which can be interpreted differently by each pupil: while the pursuit of happiness is universal, there are many different ways of going about it…

In all cases, don’t hesitate to consult the teams at the cinemas: they are used to organising events like these! Depending on your needs, both budgetary and pedagogical, they will provide you with a tailor-made service, based on which you’ll be able to construct your programme for the year.

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