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The benefits of cinema advertising

The benefits of cinema advertising

How can you optimize your advertising in Luxembourg ?

Would your company like to create a targeted communication aimed at film-lovers in the city, the ‘young adult’ category in the 18-35 age group, with their high-quality lifestyle? Cinema advertising is a channel that should not be overlooked.

Why should you contemplate doing some cinema advertising ?

Reason 1: The target’s attention is focused on the screen

Once comfortably ensconced in their seats, cinema-goers start to relax and unwind, free from the stress of everyday life. When the lights go down and the phones are switched off, they are entirely open and available for whatever the projected images might suggest. While few stats exist on the benefits of cinema advertising, this predisposition on the part of the audience is an undeniable fact.

Reason 2: the impact of the ad

The way products are presented at the cinema is quite simply sublime: the  target is utterly immersed in the ad, thanks to the giant screen and surround-sound speakers. Remember, though, that for an ad to feel relevant, it has to be made like a film – by offering cinema-goers a unique experience of pure visual pleasure, one that can stir the senses of taste, smell or touch…

How can you strengthen the impact of your ad’s message ?

Don’t be afraid to strengthen the impact of your cinema advertising by combining it with other channels. An initiative that can be rolled out whatever your budget, through a variety of campaigns:

  • A postcard. A powerful or amusing message that catches the eye, with attractive visuals. The key thing is to make the visitor want to slip the card in his or her pocket, so that it ‘travels’ as far as possible.
  • A poster. Why not see things on a slightly larger scale, and distribute your message on the walls of all the partner cinemas?
  • Advertising banners. Portable and with perfect dimensions (12 m²), these are ideal for the key areas, with the highest footfall, so as to strengthen the impact of your cinema advertising.
  • Digital panels. More eye-catching panels that get everyone looking at them, with a message that can be even more immersive; they are by visitors’ side when they’re standing in line and before the cinema doors open.
  • Brand activation. A concept that entails a variety of “live marketing” actions, aimed at facilitating the interaction between the brand and the consumers. A car dealership could, in this context, arrange to put a vehicle on display – inside the cinema. A perfume shop could give out samples or money-off vouchers…

While the cost of an ad at the cinema is a little higher than on the other channels, the visibility provided for your products can be exceptional: from an ad deliberately timed to coincide with the latest blockbuster, to having your company’s colours throughout the cinema (or even several cinemas, when it comes to a complex), you’ll be bound to make a strong impression !

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By Amandine Schosseler

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