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Stimulate the learning capacity of your students REQUEST A RESERVATION ORGANIZE A SCHOOL SESSION

WARNING ! Protocol to be followed during your visit to the cinema with your students:

  • When you enter the cinema, each student and each teacher will disinfect their hands using a dispenser made available for this purpose.
  • Wearing a mask will be compulsory as soon as you enter the cinema, until you leave the cinema
  • A distance of 2m will be observed between each student and teacher – We will provide you with numbered tickets in order to allow you to respect this distance.
  • The mask must be kept for all your movements in the room and outside (going to the toilet, leaving the room, etc.)

You have the option to:

Details and conditions

The stated prices do not include supplements for 3D / 4DX / Laser Ultra/ long films;

A supplement of € 150 excluding tax will be charged in the event that the film is no longer available in the cinema library.

Requests must be submitted no later than 5 days before the date of the desired session

1. Afterhours price (outside schooltime) for a screening from 7 pm, during holidays, weekends and on public holidays;

2. Standard price (in schooltime) from Monday to Friday (excluding previews) until the 5 pm screening inclusive;

*New prices from July 1st: € 7 outside school period – € 5.75 during school period.


tarif cinéma écoles

Outside school time

tarif cinéma écoles
tarif cinéma écoles

Inside school time

No events planned for 2021

A bespoke programme for your class

As a teacher, you know that it’s important to stimulate your pupils with all the inventiveness and imagination needed to deliver the syllabus.

A school trip can be educational and focus all their attention on an interesting subject.

At key times of the year, Kinepolis provides a wider range of services combining education, cinema and entertainment, including Saint Nicolas Day, themed events (Internet Day, Theatre Day, etc) and many more!

Book a preview based on availability.

Reservation requests for a school screening are only made via the form.

Payment terms:

Payment on the spot

We accept payment by credit card or cash

One order = one session = 1 payment only: we will not be able to accept separate individual payments


Invoicing to the municipality only on presentation of the order form of the municipality

Billing only possible if a request for prior reservation has been made on our website and has been confirmed by a member of our service

Consumption at the bar can not be billed and must be paid in cash (except advance order at the time of booking on the internet)

For any information you can always contact us directly by phone:

For Kinepolis Kirchberg & Ciné Utopia : 42 95 11-80, Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 17:00

For Kinepolis Belval : 26 57 20 1 every day after 1:30 pm

Why go to the cinema with your school?

As a teacher, you know that it’s not always easy to deliver your syllabus based on the lessons alone.
A school trip can be educational for your pupils:

The choice of film, reflecting the age of the group, helps pupils learn in a fun way:

memory is stimulated by the images, sounds and group reactions;
they retain the subject matter better;
the film can be an animation, documentary, classic… in line with your school syllabus;
the screening can be focused on a historic or topical film, you decide.

But also,

school trips are essential for knowledge acquisition:

The pupils learn to go out in a group;
They learn to be disciplined outside the school;
They learn how to behave on school trips.

They discover a different environment to the classroom:

They understand how a cinema operates;
They are given responsibility for their behaviour.

How does a school trip to the cinema work?

Ahead of the visit, you tell us about your wants, needs, ideas…

If necessary, we can guide you in the choice of film (length, theme, age of the kids, etc.). We can also provide activities or snacks. The screening can be a one-off or part of a programme (e.g. a screening per month or per term) with the option to follow the syllabus for the relevant level or introduce a recurrent theme.

Why choose a Kinepolis cinema for a school trip?

Kinepolis Luxembourg offers you the choice of 3 complexes, 22 screens, hundreds of seats and thousands of films.

You offer your pupils an outing in a safe environment, with cutting-edge technology and personal support. We’re experienced in receiving groups of all ages, both from primary and secondary schools, state or private…

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