School screenings: a history lesson with Au revoir les enfants!

School screenings: a history lesson with Au revoir les enfants!

School films, a unique experience to help gain a better understanding!

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Getting different senses involved is a way of facilitating learning in children: cultural trips serve to anchor a lesson firmly in their memories, by associating feelings with it. School screenings contain no shortage of interesting subjects to explore for pupils of secondary school age. As is the case with the excellent film by Louis Malle, Au revoir les enfants!

Why organise an event based around Au revoir les enfants?

Released in October 1987, Au revoir les enfants is a film that won 7 César awards, including best French film of the year, best director and best screenplay. In other words, beyond the educational value that it provides, this school screening alone serves to enrich the general culture (in a cinematographic sense) of each pupil.

The story is set during the Second World War (1944) at a Catholic school. Young Julien is intrigued by a new boy, Jean Bonnet, and is going to try to get to the bottom of the secrets he seems to be harbouring. A bond of friendship forms between the two of them, but is soon hindered by the arrival of the Gestapo, who arrest Father Jean and the three Jewish children he was protecting, among whom is Jean Bonnet, real name Jean Kippelstein…

Part of the history curriculum for secondary school pupils, the Second World War here takes on a ‘more real’ aura: every pupil will be able to identify with the film’s protagonists, whether that be Julien or Jean.

This is a way of directly confronting the dramatic themes evoked in Au revoir les enfants: the Holocaust, but also the courage of some when faced with the baseness of others. An honest, no-holds-barred vision of a church that is sheltering both a priest full of bravura, and a nun who with one look can sentence a young adolescent to death…

What is the purpose of creating an accompanying event around school screenings?

Besides simply hiring the screening room for a school screening of Au revoir les enfants, for the teachers it is important to take full advantage of this school film! Why not garner their reactions while they’re still fresh and discuss the different feelings they have?

Why not organise an event with a guest speaker who can come and have a debate with them? A historian with specialist knowledge – whether on the Holocaust or on the period 1939-1945 – who can contribute his or her knowledge? The guest will then enable the teacher to provide a targeted message on an aspect depicted in Louis Malle’s film.

The school screening could also be supplemented with entertainment specially designed to create interactions between the pupils and to accompany them, or even prompt them to reflect on the subject chosen.

The team at Kinepolis Business has the experience needed in order to shape – along with the teacher – an interesting educational event: it has a thick address book, numerous ideas for entertainment and rooms adapted for school screenings and discussions.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team!

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