Proposal for educational film screenings: La cour de Babel! (School of Babel!)

Proposal for educational film screenings: La cour de Babel! (School of Babel!)

An ideal educational film on the subject of integration

Why not offer your pupils a unique experience and organise an event outside the normal school environment? Give your class a memorable experience that will intensify the learning process on an important subject in the yearly curriculum… What’s more, educational screenings provide the perfect opportunity for reflection and debate. For example, why not bring your middle school or even secondary school pupils to the cinema to see Julie Bertuccelli’s La Cour de Babel (2014), to illustrate the topic of integration?  

An educational film about “living together”

Directed by Julie Bertuccelli, this documentary followed, over the course of a year, middle school pupils in their first year of education in France, grouped together to learn French. Ranging in age from 11 to 15, the pupils in the class come from countries like Serbia, Brazil, China, Ireland, Senegal…and all of them have just arrived in France, having been forced to leave their home countries for a variety of reasons.

Through their eyes, the director raises the problems they face as they try to fit in, over and above the language issue alone. They have been uprooted and displaced, and in many cases face onerous family responsibilities, at a time when they ought to be focusing solely on the search for identity, like their peers. And this identity is most definitely a manifold one, for it is to be found as much in their country of origin as in their host country.

Far beyond the subject of integration alone, La Cour de Babel explores associated themes such as exile, the fear of acculturation, religion… Each teacher can respond as they see fit, by conveying a targeted message about the aspects they wish to cover with their pupils…

Events connected to the educational film screening

Following this educational film screening, teachers can elect to let their pupils have their say about it in the classroom, or provide for a discussion period just after the educational film has been screened.

By doing so, they could make this a unique experience – while also being something that’s of great interest from a pedagogical point of view, and organise an event around this outing. You can go beyond merely hiring a screening room in which to view the educational film, and make use of the room’s configuration to:

  • Discuss: have your say and let the middle school or secondary school pupils give their instant reactions to what they’ve seen;
  • Debate: invite guest speakers with expert knowledge about this issue, so that they can contribute their insights and experience. In this case, a member of the national Ministry of Education, Childhood and Youth or of the CASNA (the body responsible for providing a school reception for newly-arrived pupils).

Then, beyond the strict confines of the screening room, you can include a short tea with carefully selected entertainment as part of the day, to illustrate the flagship topic of integration…

At Kinepolis Business, our consultants are used to organising school screenings, so don’t hesitate to seek their advice on which film to show, based on the topic you have in mind and the pupils’ age. They can also provide some great ideas about potential forms of entertainment that can be built around it. And why not plan a monthly or quarterly film cycle, involving a number of educational films about a recurring theme, but coming at it from different angles?

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