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Product placement: the success of the duo Peugeot and France’s Taxi films

Product placement: the success of the duo Peugeot and France’s Taxi films

How can you make a success of your cinema advertising?

Placement de produit cinéma Kinepolis

Creating cinema advertising that works can be done in various ways, depending on the budget you have allocated to the product presentation. For example, big companies can write out a cheque and appear directly in the film: the higher the value of the cheque, the more unsubtle the product placement will be. As was the case with the partnership between Peugeot and the Taxi saga. For smaller companies, the advertising can be done around the film – whether in the foyer of the cinema or in the screening room…

The winning combination of Peugeot / Taxi

For the film Taxi (1998), Luc Besson concluded a partnership with Peugeot: for his part, the director promised to provide cinema advertising for the Peugeot 406; for its part, the car manufacturer handed over a cheque for 100 000 euros and provided the cars. And that included both the ‘Beauty Cars’ that Samy Naceri drove (for the product presentation) and the ‘lemons’ used in the pile-up sequences. Note that ‘lemons’ is a slang term in the US for cars with manufacturing defects.

When the film performed excellently at the box-office, the partnership was brought back for Taxi 2, with some new terms and conditions: Luc Besson received a cheque for 300 000 € and fifteen vehicles for the product placement… It was a success-story that was to last 10 years and pay dividends for both the franchise and Peugeot. Note that Taxi 3 was to put the 407 in pride of place…

Naturally, negotiations such as these can only become a reality when world-renowned directors and major international brands are involved… Another example is Luc Besson and Audi for the film The Transporter

A partnership for cinema advertising

For companies with a more limited budget, it is also possible, within the framework of a targeted message, to do some cinema advertising! There are a number of options:

  • An on-screen ad: if the cinema auditorium contains the ideal target audience, it is highly advisable to book an advertising space for a screening before the film. Cinema-goers are usually more attentive to the message conveyed to them at the cinema.
  • A product presentation at the complex: for example, if you own a car dealership, why not arrange for a vehicle display to take place in the foyer, in the context of a marathon screening of the Taxifilms, or of an action movie in a similar vein?
  • A poster campaign: whether you opt for ordinary posters, billboards or HD screens, there are numerous ways of engaging in cinema advertising. You can also select the ‘Catwalk’ option, which enables you to tell a story by producing a series of 12 visuals suspended from the ceiling, visible to people coming from both directions.
  • Distribution via the staff at the cash registers: cinema advertising can also take the form of the distribution of flyers directly from the ticket office!

Don’t hesitate to request a quote from the teams at the Kinepolis complex: they are used to forming partnerships with companies operating in a variety of fields, and will be able to guide you towards the optimum solutions, depending on your budget!

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