Organizing an event: what questions do I need to ask?

Organizing an event: what questions do I need to ask?

Asking the right questions in advance will speed things up, help you see where we’re going and get the most out of your event.

A sensational event

A sensational event is a great way to promote your company or organization. You make your clients, staff or contacts feel truly appreciated.

And so you generate goodwill, whether you’ve got targets to meet (client acquisition and retention,
presentations of products or services, incentives, etc.) or you’re trying to build special relationships (team building, networks, etc.). The success of your event will
depend on solid preparation. That’s why we will present all the important phases and review the main things to do and not do.

Our checklist to help you answer the right questions:

The event :

  • Why: to motivate your employees, present a new product, retain your clients, find new ones, give the image of leader in your market?
  • What type of event: film screening, work meeting, seminar, teambuilding?
  • How long: two hours, a day, a week?
  • When: autumn, mid-December, 23 June? Can the chosen date be changed?

The guests :

  • How many guests are you planning to have? Remember that in general, and depending on the event, 80% of people — if they live in the country — will travel.
  • Who are they? Your staff, clients, prospective clients? Just them or their families too? Are kids invited?

The activities :

  • Do you want to provide activities?
  • PFor how long and for who? To keep the kids entertained whilst the parents work, between meetings, after meals?
  • What type(s) of activities: a band, comedian, face painter, clown, magician, game for groups?

Welcoming your guests :

  • Are you sending out the invites?
  • Do you need a hostess? Just to welcome your guests? Or to take them round the room?
  • Do you a want a red carpet?
  • And what about the cloakroom: will everyone keep their things with them?

The catering :

  • Will you serve food to your guests? What type of package do you want?
  • Are you planning a coffee break?

If you don’t have answers to all these questions just yet, remember that we can help you see more clearly and move forward step by step. We can also steer you towards professionals that we work with regularly. Contact us today to finalize your plans.

By Amandine Schosseler

Kinepolis is a leading player in Europe and has cinemas in Luxembourg in Belgium, France, Spain, Switzerland, Poland and most recently in Canada. In addition to its film business, Kinepolis is also active in advertising and events.

Amandine has been supporting professionals since June 2013 with the aim of providing them a personalized follow-up through the solutions proposed by Kinepolis: conference rooms, seminar rooms, private screening with or without reception, advertising, sponsoring, etc.

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