How can you say things in a way that an events agency will understand ?

How can you say things in a way that an events agency will understand ?

Deciphering the jargon of the events sector !

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In the life of any business, there will always be certain key events that take place: whether it be a team building session, a birthday or a big launch event, these functions are simply too important to go wrong. This being the case, it is highly recommended that companies enlist the services of event planning professionals…Remember, though, that just because the task has been delegated to someone else, this doesn’t make the job of the person responsible within the client company any less important…

The challenges of the relationship between the company and the agency

On the one hand, the event agency has the know-how required to organise an event right down to the tiniest details: from the message to be conveyed to making sure everything goes smoothly on the big day, via the task of getting the various key service providers on board (catering, service, entertainers, etc.)

On the other hand, only a senior member of staff from the company can provide info on the company’s values, define the goals to be achieved based on the target audience, and set the budget for the event.

In the relationship between the event agency and the company, therefore, one of the first difficulties is managing to establish this balance in all discussions. It is a relationship in which each party has to bring their know-how and insights to the fore, without either one in any way taking the upper hand.

If the relationship is to rest on firm foundations, however, it’s essential to use a language that everyone can understand

The event management terminology you should know

Like every other profession, event management has developed its own jargon, with one particular feature being its ability to ‘Frenchify’ English terms or simply reproduce them, a practice that can be fairly perplexing for the uninitiated:

  • Brief. Document containing all the essential information about the company that will enable the agency to develop a coherent plan for the event.
  • Catering. As you would expect based on this word’s ordinary meaning, this term relates to the provision of food and drink.
  • Driver Excel spreadsheet specifying the various stages of the event, the timing of them and the person responsible for implementing them.
  • Incentive. A synonym for motivation, of course, this is a type of event aimed at motivating the participants to achieve a specific goal in order to get a reward.
  • This term means the participants in the event.
  • Reco. This recommendation sets out the project that the agency is proposing: it specifies the context, strategy, roll-out procedure, budget, etc.
  • Retro-planning. This is the timetable that sets out when each stage of the project’s construction must be completed, up until its implementation.
  • Road-book. Document stating the full timeline for the function, stating the tasks to be performed by all the organisers and contributors, with key information about them (timetable, plan, contact details etc.)
  • A document related to how the rooms are going to be distributed among the various guests.
  • A sketch intended to set out the project, the positions of technical facilities and the overall atmosphere. In other words, a document that sets out in stone the agency’s ideas.
  • Rather like an official concierge for the event, this is the person to contact about any little snags that come up, and that need to be quickly resolved.
  • The person who distributes the ‘tops’ to the technicians and directors (change of lighting, playing of a jingle, etc.)
  • VHC (Vehicle Hotel Catering). This term covers all the costs of the staff directly involved in the event (technicians, entertainers, etc.)
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