How can you decode the pricing policies when hiring a function room?

How can you decode the pricing policies when hiring a function room?

Criteria and pitfalls to avoid when hiring a function room

Location salle pour événements

All the specific features of a function room have an impact on the price of hiring a room for events. Since some lessors tend to hide certain services that are more optional in nature, however, it is preferable to make a habit of asking for a detailed breakdown of the quote.

What are the criteria that influence the price?

The price of hiring a function room is based on several different factors:

  • The room itself: if there is something special about it, you may have to pay higher rates than for a more ordinary room. For example, for the same services, a communal area is bound to be more affordable than the function room of a château.
  • The maximum capacity: it stands to reason that rooms that can accommodate fewer than 100 people are less expensive than those that can hold double that number.
  • The location: when the function room being hired is located in a big city, known for having good transport links, the price will be higher than if it is in the countryside (for equivalent services).
  • The duration: needless to say, the price indicated on the quote is affected by how long you need the room for.
  • The equipment available: the equipment provided with the room also affects the total cost. For example, in addition to the usual chairs and tables, it might contain an overhead projector and a screen, or be kitted out for a marriage or a seminar.

What’s hidden behind the flat-rate charges when hiring a function room?

In the leasing of rooms for events, some companies offer associated services charged at a flat-rate price. As a bare minimum, this set of services may include a cleaning service, but it may also include a meet and greet service and everything that could be needed in order to organise a turnkey event (catering company, decoration, entertainment etc.)

For the flat-rate charges, it is highly advisable to ask for the details of all services (caterer, cleaning, meet and greet service, etc.). Although they are usually more affordable than the various services you can request via the ‘à la carte’ menu, there is no point in paying for services that you aren’t going to use. It is well worth doing some quick calculations so that you can make an informed decision.

Finally, pay close attention to the phrase “prices start at… ” which may obviously hide an unpleasant reality when it comes to hiring a room for events. Indeed, this is commonly a tender price designed to attract the future client’s interest, and usually applies to rooms hired on weekdays, during quiet periods (i.e. not during the school holidays).

Again, make sure you ask for a customized quote specifying the room you want, the number of attendees expected, the type of event being organised, and the date and expected duration of the event. Only by doing so will you be able to compare the services of one room to those of another!

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