Kinepolis is at the disposal of the organizers to support them in the development of their next corporate events (seminar, assembly, conference, etc.) while respecting health and safety rules.

What are the possibilities?


It’s possible to privatize a complete room to show a Movie, while respecting the safety distances

soirée kinepolis

For catering during the event, we work with our approved catering partners. They work in accordance with the sector protocol applicable to the horeca industry.


Pour la restauration pendant l’évènement, nous faisons appel à nos partenaires en restauration agréés. Ils travaillent en conformité avec le protocole sectoriel applicable à l’horeca.


School screenings: We also make every effort to allow school events while guaranteeing maximum safety

Academic courses: Our cinemas guarantee you the distance between each student and the best picture quality you can imagine. Our theaters are fitted out according to COVID measures and follow government standards.

We provide clear signage and flow directions to limit contact, disinfectant gel dispensers, seat distancing stickers and continuous ventilation to ensure a safe course or exam.

Room capacity

Room Mandatory mask wearing
salle 1 (Laser Ultra) 100
salle 2 89
salle 3 73
salle 4 (4DX) 36
salle 5 35
salle 6 35
salle 7 61
salle 8 75
salle 9 92
salle 10 100
Room Mandatory mask wearing
salle 1 173
salle 2  (Laser Ultra) 72
salle 3 70
salle 4 40
salle 5 40
salle 6 40
salle 7 40
Room Mandatory mask wearing
salle 1 80
salle 2 55
salle 3 30
salle 4 25
salle 5 20

What are the sanitary procedures to observe?

  • The application of simple, but fundamental procedures:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water or a hydroalcoholic solution

  • Respect social distancing

  • Cough / sneeze while covering your mouth with the bend of your elbow or a tissue

  • Avoid touching your face (eyes, nose, mouth)

A secure event in 4 steps

Organizing an event may be necessary to inform employees, suppliers and customers about the future, goals and new guidelines of your company. Holding conferences and seminars can also be useful in reshuffling the cards in unison. At Kinepolis, we can help you organize your events in accordance with safety instructions


For the moment, the recovery is gradual. Large gatherings should be replaced by smaller corporate events . An essential measure to remain compliant with barrier gestures. But based on a more refined target, you can also communicate in ways that are even more relevant to your audience.

Kinepolis provides you with its rooms with variable capacities – and revised to respect the required social distancing . Our measures will be reviewed according to the security rules that will be communicated to us in order to guarantee you a suitable environment.


Welcoming participants to a corporate event must also observe the rules of barrier gestures: offer hydroalcoholic gel at the entrance and offer a protective mask to each invited.

At Kinepolis, we can organize our spaces to guarantee a unique direction of movement with, at the entry point to our cinemas, hydroalcoholic gel and a mask. Then, the guests are guided to the projection room.


Within the framework of a corporate event such as a conference or seminar, the speaker remains alone on the stage : prevention in no way affects the classic course of this kind of intervention. If there are several speakers, they will then wear a mask.

Kinepolis provides stakeholders with all the necessary equipment for the meeting : microphones, chairs, tables, support projected on a giant screen, Internet connection, etc. Together, we are simply multiplying the accessories to prevent them from passing from one to another.


The conviviality attached to any corporate event must not disappear, it must simply be reviewed, reorganized so that the barrier gestures continue to apply at all times. Instead of a swarming cocktail, you should prefer a seated meal; to petits fours served on a platter, you should prefer a buffet. In the same vein, bathroom breaks must be orchestrated differently so as not to create waiting and overcrowding.

At Kinepolis, we offer managers to provide packed lunches (cold or hot), so that the guests do not help themselves. Organized on the basis of a defined direction of movement . As for the toilets, again, the idea is to offer a unique circulation option: a Kinepolis employee will wash the door handles at each passage and orchestrate the comings and goings in this space.

Respect for barrier gestures in the face of covid-19 is the sine qua none condition for a company event to be organized: by installing all these control and prevention measures, Kinepolis wishes < strong> offer managers solutions for a more peaceful resumption of their activities and discussions, while reassuring participants . Please do not hesitate to contact our team to work together on your next project.

Organize a Saint Nicholas event in complete safety

Kinepolis has created Saint-Nicholas formulas for you to guarantee you a safe event

Take a virtual tour of our resorts.

In order to avoid you having to travel in your first steps to prospect for a location for your next event, we have the ideal solution: a virtual tour of our cinemas and our reception areas.




They trust us since the re-opening!

Since the reopening of our cinemas, several events have been organized in our 3 cinemas, with the utmost respect for safety standards.

In particular, we have hosted the POST Esports League Finals, conferences, private screenings, general meetings and seminars.

Stay tuned