Are you looking for ideas for school screenings / educational films?

Are you looking for ideas for school screenings / educational films?

Discover the educational events organized by Kinepolis!

Idées de projection scolaire films d'école

Every year, the Kinepolis complex offers a range of educational films through its school catalogue: available as a free download via the website, it contains feature-length historical dramas, adaptations of novels, and films about nature & the environment… Alongside this, Kinepolis also organises specific educational events focusing on unifying subjects, such as harassment at school or ecology, giving the teachers the opportunity to provide targeted communication on the subject in question.

Forthcoming educational films offered by Kinepolis

In addition to its catalogue of films, Kinepolis also offers educational screenings intended for primary schools and secondary schools. Each term, it publishes its recommendations, so as to give teachers the opportunity to provide a targeted message on a subject that they will then be able to explore further in the classroom, and to enrich it with a private screening.

For spring 2019 and for pupils aged from 3 to 11, the complex offers, for example:

– Detective Pikachu (released on 8th May 2019)

Toy Story 4 (released on 26th June 2019)

Both of these animated films can illustrate a subject that helps with learning, such as perseverance or friendship, and can be discussed more broadly in the classroom, before seeing it put into practice in your chosen film…

For pupils at secondary school, the complex suggests that teachers consider the following films:

Shazam! (out on 3rd April 2019), portraying the special powers and abilities of a number of heroes from mythology, could be ideal for a cinema trip for pupils studying Greek, but also those studying philosophy, history and geography (through a look at Greek civilization) and French language and linguistics.

The Kid Who Would Be King (out on 10th April 2019) takes a fresh look at the myth of Excalibur, and could be suitable for history teachers and French teachers alike, and of course teachers of art history. The theme of power could also be discussed in a philosophy lesson.

Note that teachers hiring a screening room for these school films can add various forms of entertainment, to off-set this unique experience and make the event even more memorable.

Event: ‘Save the nature!’

Beyond straightforward school screenings, Kinepolis organizes regular educational events centred around key themes such as ecology or harassment at school.

The next one is due to take place on 15th June, 2019, with nature conservation as its subject. This event, christened ‘Save the nature’, is going to provide an overview of nature in Luxembourg, before looking at several ways we can change our lifestyle, so as not to do too much damage to the environment.

Specifically, Kinepolis plans to show a film exploring this ecological film, based on which teachers and students alike will be encouraged to give their reactions during a post-film debate.

Do you want to organise an event for your class? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the teams at Kinepolis cinemas! Thanks to the experience they’ve accumulated, they can draw up an ‘à la carte’ proposal (school screenings, entertainment, special guests etc.) depending on your budget, your pupils and the subject you want to explore.

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